SEPTEMBER 10–20, 2015

The 2015 DC Shorts Film Festival showcases one of the largest collection of short films in the USA. Out of 1,300 entries from around the globe, our programmers have selected 125 unique films that reflect the 24 nations they represent — and bring a world view to Washington, DC.

Enjoy the festival in person at our venues in Downtown Washington, DC — or sit back and watch over 100 of our selections in the comfort of your home, office — or on the go! But hurry — online access is only available during the festival, and will be turned off at midnight, September 20.

DC Shorts Film Festival

SEPTEMBER 10–20, 2015


FILM SPOTLIGHT: The First Session

Two women make a chance meeting in a therapsist office into one of the most interesting first dates ever.

7 minutes • Comedy • United States

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