The 11th DC Shorts will be September 11–21, 2014 in locations throughout Washington, DC. Submit your short film or short screenplay to be considered for programming. But hurry—the longer you wait, the more expensive the submission fees.

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Showcase 16

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Victorita, Victorita…

Genre: Drama  |  Director: Nacha Cuevas
Length: 16 min.  |  Country of Origin: Spain

A lonely writer finds a warm-hearted girl who was born to love.


Love In Our Time

Genre: Comic Drama  |  Director: Jonathan Fredrick
Length: 11 min.  |  Country of Origin: USA

After a one-night stand, a couple tries to figure out if they’ve met the loves of their lives, or made a huge mistake.


Food Porn

Genre: Comedy  |  Director: Charles Grantham
Length: 3 min.  |  Country of Origin: USA

Larry is back, professing his love with produce.



Genre: Documentary  |  Director: Riley Hooper
Length: 10 min.  |  Country of Origin: USA

In the face of Multiple Sclerosis, lung cancer and visual impairment, photographer Flo Fox continues to pursue her art.


Gay 4 Pay

Genre: Documentary  |  Director: Austin Ryan Vuz
Length: 7 min.  |  Country of Origin: Singapore

An exploration into the porn industry’s “Gay-for-Pay” performers and culture.


Scent of a Woman

Genre: Comedy  |  Director: Lauren Savoy
Length: 11 min.  |  Country of Origin: USA

When her boyfriend serves alfredo, lactose-intolerant Chloe’s declaration of love is a race against time and humiliation.


Come Clean

Genre: Drama  |  Director: Louisa Mayman
Length: 8 min.  |  Country of Origin: United Kingdom

The sudden intimacy of nakedness and the freedom of a stranger’s ear.


By the Fireside with Larry: The Zimlet

Genre: Comedy  |  Director: Charles Grantham
Length: 3 min.  |  Country of Origin: USA

Parts Ron Burgundy and Martha Stewart, Larry mixes an unusual cocktail.


Il Neige Sur Acapulco (Snow Over Acapulco)

Genre: Comedy  |  Director: Aurélien Drach
Length: 3 min.  |  Country of Origin: France

On their last night in Mexico, a group of friends scheme to smuggle cocaine back into France.

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