DC Shorts Film Festival

September 10–19, 2020



AnimationExperimental • France • 14 MINUTES

As celestial beings descend to Earth vitiating its population, the world’s order unbalances. Initiated by these terms, a tragic fall leads to the parturition of crucial opposites: Hell and Heaven’s circles.


AnimationExperimental • France • 8 MINUTES

Contemporary art, sports, religion, politics, finance, pornography. Explore the many opiates of the masses in a 8-min traveling shot that seeks to understand how an entire generation has been lobotomized.


AnimationExperimental • Switzerland • 9 MINUTES

An animated short exploring group dynamics. How do we define ourselves when we are all equal?


Experimental • Japan • 14 MINUTES

In this story, a helpless woman confronts a “black object” with a power greater than hers. The “black object” shoots her questions. The woman has answers to these questions, but can’t say them aloud. She feels up against the wall, and begins to throw up beautiful colorful flowers instead of speaking.

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