DC Shorts Film Festival

September 19-28, 2019

You Are Not From Around Here

Here are some of the finest films from outside the US. This showcase runs approximately 120 minutes.


Wednesday, September 12 at 7:00 pm

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Three Pages (Trois Pages)

Drama • Canada • 15 minutes

An unassuming middle-aged accountant learns he has only weeks to live. Rather than tell everyone, Martin determines to learn the three pages of a Bach adagio for piano he’d abandoned as a child. That accomplished, he performs the piece for his wife and friends, completing his life and thanking those who brightened it along the way.

Shadow Boxer (Skyggebokser)

Drama • Denmark • 22 minutes

Luna (8) lives alone with her mother, Isabella (32), a professional boxer. During an important match Isabella is badly hurt and ends up in a wheelchair Luna takes on the lonely fight to encourage her mother to believe in once again becoming the fighter and mother who Luna knows, loves and needs.


Drama • Switzerland • 15 minutes

The money has gone missing in the mosque of Saint-Etienne. Saoud, the gang leader is suspected.

Open Your Eyes

Drama • Israel • 14 minutes

lana arrives for her monthly treatment at the eye clinic. Her doctor is absent and is replaced by Dr Khoury. Ilana precepts herself as a liberal woman but there is no chance that an Arab doctor will give her a shot in the eye. Yohai, who understands that his mother is losing her eyesight, won’t let her leave.


No categories • Mexico • 12 minutes

The president of Mexico spends his final days in office making plans for his future. Everything looks in order until an international conflict interrupts his pleasant rest.

Fence (Gardhi)

Drama • Kosovo • 15 minutes

Little Genti wants a puppy. He expresses his wish at the family gathering, after his romani coeval Xeni shows at the door, with his dog friend Aja. This brings up a fired up discussion among the grown ups. Ignored by grownups and despite his mother’s disapproval, Genti joins Xeni and Aja on the street, continuing to find his new puppy-friend.

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