DC Shorts Film Festival

September 10–19, 2020

Showcase 4

This showcase runs approximately 90 minutes and includes all of the films listed on the page with time afterwards for Q&A with filmmakers. Due to the adult nature of some of these films, this showcase is appropriate for ages 18+.


Friday, September 20 at 9:30 pm
Tuesday, September 24 at 7:00 pm

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ComedyHorror/Suspense • Netherlands • 11 MINUTES

When a father misbehaves during a weekend-holiday, his surroundings will make him feel very unwelcome, while his wife and son turn against him.


Horror/Suspense • United States • 17 MINUTES

Valentina, a day-walking black vampire protected from the sun by her melanin, is forced to restrain her bloodlust to regain custody of her estranged daughters.


Horror/SuspenseThriller • Belgium • 20 MINUTES

Richard has an unusual fantasy: he is sexually aroused by the idea of being eaten by an animal or monster. Through a personal ad he meets the mysterious Max and with that encounter the chance to fulfill his depraved fantasy. Can Richard escape his dark desires or not?


AnimationComedySci-Fi • United States • 10 MINUTES

My dog had a dream and told me about it. I made a movie about that dream. This is that movie.


Horror/Suspense • Spain • 14 MINUTES

Sara is an overweight teen that lives in the shadow of a clique of cool girls holidaying in her village. Not even her childhood friend, Claudia, defends her when she’s bullied at the local pool in front of an unknown man. Her clothes are stolen and Sara must get home wearing nothing but her bikini. The long walk home will mark the rest of her life.


Horror/Suspense • United Kingdom • 9 MINUTES

A boy in bed is haunted by the ‘thing’ in his cellar. As a man, he decides to confront his guest locked downstairs.

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