Your film or screenplay is an official entry into the 2019 DC Shorts International Film Festival and Screenplay Competition! We are very excited to include your work and look forward to celebrating you and your film this fall.

For Filmmakers

The DC Shorts International Film Festival 2020 will be “All Online” this year,  from Thursday, September 10th through Wednesday, September 23rd.

For Screenwriters

The DC Shorts Screenplay Competition is Friday, September 27. As indicated in our rules, finalists are required to attend the Screenplay Competition from 7:00pm Thursday, September 26th through Friday, September 27th, at 9:00pm. During this time we will have a orientation and dinner to meet you and the other screenwriters, a morning of open auditions to cast your reading, rehearsal time, and of course, the live reading! Please make your travel plans now!

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