DC Shorts Film Festival

September 19-28, 2019

Animation Domination

3-D, 2-D, rotoscope, hand drawn. All types of animation are on display. This showcase runs approximately 120 minutes.


Thursday, September 13 at 5:00 pm

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Animation • United States • 15 minutes

Weekends is the story of a young boy shuffling between the homes of his recently divorced parents. Surreal dream like moments mix with the domestic realities of a broken up family in this hand animated film set in 1980’s Toronto.


Animation • United States • 3 minutes

Weeds tells the story of a dandelion, rooted on the wrong side of the driveway in a barren yard surrounded by dry dirt and dead grass. Just across the concrete lies another yard, where the sprinklers spray water endlessly, and the greener grass holds the promise of a better life. While watching helplessly as its fellow weeds wither away and die, the dandelion faces a decision: take action or suffer the same fate.


Animation • Russia • 11 minutes

Our life is like walking on a tightrope. In times we are scared or lost we lose balance. When we are happy and excited we forget we walk on a rope. We can even fly! Main characters are girl Luba and her friend Sparrow. Silly Sparrow doesn’t know fear. By playing with him Luba forgets her she is on a rope.

Space Butthole

AnimationSci-Fi • United States • 8 minutes

In the annals of mankind, we will realize that humans have been mistreating Mother Nature for far too long. It was only a matter of time before the universe blasted back. Please join us in experiencing a warning from the deepest bowels of the galaxy. Can humanity squeeze out a solution before it goes to pot? Don’t stall to find out!


AnimationFantasy • United States • 5 minutes

A girl dreams of the way she wishes the world could be… or perhaps the way the world already is.

Opening Night

AnimationMusical • United States • 5 minutes

A man reflects on formative conflicts from his past with optimism, humor, and gratitude… with a musical twist. Look within…then dance it out.


Animation • United States • 12 minutes

In this stop-motion animated comedy, a young couple’s romantic weekend getaway is interrupted by a birth control mishap.

For A Better Life

AnimationDocumentary • United States • 10 minutes

Sold for $100 at the age of 5, Fekri suffers through years of abuse before his plight is discovered. After almost a year of hospitalization and therapy Fekri moves into a group home where he finds support, mentorship, and eventual forgiveness towards the family which sold him.

Creature From The Lake

Animation • France • 5 minutes

In the 80s, a manly and experienced monster hunter hero of a low-budget TV show, followed by his fat cowardly camerawoman go to a remote lake on the night of a full moon, when mysterious disappearances tend to occur

Camille (Quand J’ai Remplace Camille)

Animation • France • 7 minutes

Laure must replace a deceased swimmer in the relay swim team. The qualifiers are near and the team worries about their chances at winning; the grief and stress pushes Laura to obsess over the one she replaces, Camille.

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