DC Shorts Film Festival

September 19-28, 2019

ROTFLMAO (Comedy Shorts)

If Laughter is the best medicine, then you will leave happy and healthy. This showcase runs approximately 120 minutes.


Thursday, September 13 at 7:00 pm

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That Was Awesome!

Comedy • United States • 18 minutes

When a floor hockey team of adults with special needs gets pushed around one too many times off-the-court, they decide to stand up for themselves on-the-court in the game of a lifetime.


Comedy • United States • 4 minutes

Sometimes the toughest part of your day is explaining it to a loved one.

Oculus Malus

Animation • France • 5 minutes

A crazy scientist creates special glasses in order to examine some little creatures that are invisible to human eyes. These creatures may just explain a good proportion of our little daily annoyances.

My First Time

Comedy • United States • 3 minutes

A unexpected comedy with an unreliable narrator, My First Time tells the tale of the mourning of a first love.


Comedy • Spain • 8 minutes

One hundred and sixteen seats, a crowded subway, a long distance to travel.


Comedy • Switzerland • 12 minutes

A philosophy teacher discusses religion in class. In the street he is confronted with his subject matter in an unexpected way.


ComedyDramaFantasy • United States • 8 minutes

When a pregnant woman delivers a convoluted speech to a gathering of family and close friends, she must face the consequences. She then retreats to a waiting room where the surreal meets the real by a water cooler.

End Of The Line

ComedyDrama • United States • 15 minutes

A lonely man goes to the pet store and buys a tiny man in a cage and the two must learn to get along, or at least co-exist…which will not be easy!


Comedy • United States • 12 minutes

Faced with an emergency situation, a group of young Black and Latino friends carefully weigh the pros and cons of calling the police. People of color have the internal conflict of desiring to move freely in this country but fearing they are not able to do so. Emergency is a timely commentary on an issue that plagues many people of color in our country today – fear of police.

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