DC Shorts Film Festival

September 10–19, 2020

Domestic Disturbance

Families that laugh together may stay together, but the true test of their bonds become evident when facing adversity, and the strength of familial love is revealed.


Monday, September 23 at 5:00 pm

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Drama • United States • 20 MINUTES

The Neighbors’ Window tells the story of a middle aged woman with small children whose life is shaken up when two free-spirited twenty-somethings move in across the street.


Documentary • United States • 13 MINUTES

After a transient orphan vanishes from a small Catskill lake community, its members are left searching for answers as they struggle to come to grips with both her disappearance and the polarizing role she played in their lives.


Drama • New Zealand • 13 MINUTES

Falling Up unravels the exhaustion, grief and heartache of relationship breakdown while revealing the mundane joy, the unending love and the quiet triumph of young motherhood.


Drama • United States • 19 MINUTES

Bill Prudhomme, famed cartoonist and beloved father, is dead. He is survived by his three children, now all grown up and grown apart. The day before the funeral, these estranged siblings are confronted with the chaotic present, the revered past and the chance at a shared future.


Drama • United States • 30 MINUTES

A famous jazz vocalist suffering from dementia is thrown into a state of depression and anxiety, until a young musician reconnects him to his emotions, relationships, and memories through music.

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