DC Shorts Film Festival

September 19-28, 2019

Cinema 10%

The best of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender films are found right here. This showcase runs approximately 120 minutes.


Wednesday, September 12 at 7:15 pm

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The Red Tree

Documentary • Ireland • 20 minutes

Narrated by renowned Italian actor Leo Gullotta, The Red Tree is short documentary that tells the little known history of Italian gay men being arrested and exiled to a remote island during Mussolini’s Fascist regime. In the film, an elderly man returns to the island of San Domino where 60 years before during the Fascist era he was imprisoned with hundreds of other men for being homosexual.

The Pick Up

No categories • United States • 10 minutes

Melanie, a teen resentful of her divorcing parents and craving independence, doesn’t like surprises. When Mom picks her up from swim practice and their trip gets derailed by a flat tire and a stranger, Melanie finds herself choosing a new road.


Drama • New Zealand • 15 minutes

When the truth behind a family myth is exposed, a young boy finds the strength to stand up for himself in an unusual way.

Life After

Drama • United States • 13 minutes

Nisha, a single mother and Indian immigrant, travels to New York City to clear out her daughter Zara’s apartment. Out of her element in the big city, Nisha discovers surprising new details about Zara. With help from her best friend and a stranger, Nisha uncovers the truth about her daughter’s life.

Let Me Dance (Laissez Moi Danser)

Drama • France • 17 minutes

Mylène, 45, is a maid on a ferry boat. Tonight her colleagues are organizing a surprise party for her birthday. But on the gift voucher, Mylène reads her old name, a name that she doesn’t’ want to see anymore, her male name.

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