DC Shorts Film Festival

September 19-28, 2019

Thrills And Chills

Shorts films that will thrill and chill you


Thursday, September 13 at 9:15 pm

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Who Decides

DramaHorror/Suspense • United States • 8 minutes

Death can no longer be denied. A sick woman and a young girl engage in a discussion about who decides when it’s your time to die.

Wandering Eyes

DramaThriller • United States • 15 minutes

The lives of two seemingly disconnected couples, each with an unapologetic cheating spouse, come together in a twisted tale of betrayal and revenge as all four cross paths in an unexpected way.

The Son, The Father

DramaHorror/Suspense • United States • 13 minutes

The events on a young boy’s birthday have twisted consequences far into his future. The script on which The Son, The Father is based was a finalist in the 2016 DC Shorts Film Festival and Screenplay Competition.

Poker Night

Thriller • United States • 9 minutes

Bill always hosts poker night. It’s just kind of his thing. This time, though, things get considerably out of hand. In a sick turn of events, friends are pitted against one another to survive.

Evie’s Christmas Gift

DramaHorror/Suspense • United States • 9 minutes

After the loss of her mother, Evie rebels against her father and his over-the-top Christmas spirit. Evie learns a scary lesson, however, when she opens her Christmas presents before Christmas morning.

Deja Vu

DramaHorror/SuspenseThriller • Canada • 9 minutes

A young woman meets with her best friend in a local diner to tell him about the fantasy she recently accomplished. But when a mysterious man enters, she is struck by a feeling of deja vu. Everything around her starts to resemble a nightmare she has had.


DramaThriller • United States • 12 minutes

When a reputable doctor finds himself being held captive by a group of masked intruders, he struggles to understand their motives while being forced to answer why billions of dollars go wasted each year in the name of medical research.


Horror/SuspenseSci-FiThriller • United States • 4 minutes

A malfunction in the stasis system leaves a man trapped in a state of sleep paralysis as he travels to colonize a distant planet: a journey destined to take twenty-seven years.

A Taxi Of Coldness

Drama • South Korea • 20 minutes

A man rides a taxi late at night. When the taxi driver offers him chewing gum, he remembers his mother’s ‘Drugged Gum’ story. Then the taxi driver says, ‘Did you hear about those criminal taxi drivers?’ But after repeated offers, the man accepts the gum after all.

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